Rental Shoes/Racket/Wear

Indoor court rental shoes (free), rental racket (free), rental wear (100 Baht) are available. You can come empty-handed and enjoy tennis.

Rental Court


2 indoor courts with air conditioning, 4 outdoor hard courts. It is possible to rent with family, friends, couple, even if you are not a school student. It can also be used for circle activities and corporate club activities.



Besides mineral water and sports drinks, drinks such as coffee and smoothies, snacks such as sandwiches and hot dogs, desserts such as waffles and cakes are prepared. Please enjoy before and after tennis and also while waiting for your guests.

Shower room


Rental towels are available for 50 Baht. Amenity such as shower room and shampoo and hairdryer can be used for free. Come for us empty-handed and rinse off your sweat feel refreshed after taking a free shower

Rental Locker


Lockers in the shower room are available for free. It can also be used as a contract locker for 500 Baht per month. It’s recommended for those who wish to come after work , and with empty-handed because you can keep your rackets and shoes in it.